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H7 Town Square

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Welcome to Town Square, where a myriad of opportunities are ready for you to seize. Within this space, you can explore and join various groups, view general updates and announcements from H7, engage with other members, and access exclusive tools and techniques tailored to enhance your business through word-of-mouth marketing - all conveniently centralized in one location.

Town Square Focus

Our meeting styles, people, and culture stand out as truly exceptional offerings. We're deeply committed to understanding and emphasizing how they can create significant, life-changing impacts for the community. By engaging with our resources, you're tapping into a unique opportunity to transform and elevate both your personal and professional life.

Advantages of Town Square

Enhance your Professional Growth through the exclusive training and courses tailored for Business Growth and Professional Development.

Explore, Join, and Communicate within various H7 Groups that you attend regularly. Deepen your connections with potential and existing Trusted-Relationships. 

Engage with other Members of the Community. In the Community space, Members can share their upcoming events, valuable content for the community, such as a blog, information through the use of hashtags, and more.